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If the price of the residential property is less than the amount set by the Turkish government for obtaining citizenship, then you cannot obtain it. The value of the property must exceed 400,000 US dollars for you to be eligible for Turkish citizenship. Alternatively, you can purchase multiple properties with a total value exceeding 400,000 US dollars. Keep in mind that there are several conditions you must adhere to after purchasing the property in order to obtain citizenship.

Foreigners interested in buying property in Turkey must first submit an application, which is then submitted to the Land Registry Office. When a foreigner purchases property, they must have a set of documents that must be included in the applications submitted by real individuals as follows:

  1. ID and passport of the foreigner.
  2. Certificate of the fair value of the intended property to be purchased.
  3. Residence and workplace information.
  4. Mandatory earthquake insurance document for the building to be purchased.
  5. Property ownership deed.
  6. Photos of the seller and the buyer.
  7. If the purchase is made through an official proxy abroad, the original certified copy must be present and it must be translated.

You can do so through reliable and licensed real estate companies. You can rely on the Omaran Real Estate team for their extensive experience in reading the Turkish real estate market to get the best options.

According to Turkish laws, foreigners can buy property on installment on Turkish lands, as there is no restriction or law that prohibits or restricts foreign ownership. There is also no specific limit on the amount to be paid. This allows you, as an investor or foreigner, to buy an affordable apartment in Turkey with comfortable installment options. However, there are several conditions for a foreigner to buy property on installment:

  1. The buyer must not be a citizen of a country prohibited from owning property in Turkey.
  2. The property intended for purchase must not be under lien, encumbrance, or reservation.
  3. Security clearance must be obtained if the property is close to a military zone for legal sale.
  4. The property’s area must not exceed 30 hectares, and it is not allowed to purchase properties with an area exceeding 10% of the area of the region.
  1. Mortgage or Judicial Reservation: The first thing a foreigner should be attentive to when buying a house in Turkey is whether there is a mortgage or a judicial reservation on the intended property. Buying a mortgaged house can lead to significant losses.
  2. If the foreigner will be dealing with an intermediary company during the purchase, the reliability of this company is crucial. Legal advice should be sought from a lawyer in this matter.
  3. The division status of the intended house should be queried.
  4. The identity of the owner and seller of the intended house should be verified.
  5. It should be noted that these transactions are conducted with a legitimate, non-forged power of attorney.
  6. In case of a dispute over the purchased property, a lawsuit must be filed in Turkish courts.
  7. Sale contracts must be signed in the presence of a notary, and the official procedures must also be completed at the Land Registry Offices.
  8. After a foreigner applies to purchase properties in Turkey, this application may be rejected. In this case, the person can file an objection to the Regional Directorate affiliated with the Land Registry Office.
  1. Earthquake insurance is a legal requirement for properties under a law issued by the Turkish government. It mandates obtaining this document for all properties. It is a document issued by the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (DASK) to ensure that the property complies with the standards and conditions set by the Turkish government. It also serves to compensate those affected by earthquakes and increase awareness to compel construction companies to build earthquake-resistant residential complexes. This document is obtained by providing personal ID, property title deed, property details (area, number of rooms, type, floor height), and going to one of the approved insurance companies in Turkey, which in turn issues the earthquake insurance document from DASK. This is a service that the Omaran Real Estate team can assist you with.
  1. Real estate law is a branch of property law that provides solutions to disputes related to property law in the Republic of Turkey. It covers lands, apartments, buildings, residences, and all other immovable properties. Turkish real estate law deals with all property-related issues to resolve and clarify legal disputes in the field of real estate. While it is not mandatory to appoint a lawyer in case of a dispute, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a specialized lawyer in real estate matters. Working with a lawyer in this legal system allows obtaining information about the entire process and outlining the plans and steps to be taken. Foreigners are allowed to invest in property, and the property purchase tax is estimated at 4% of the property value, paid only once and split equally between the seller and the buyer. The buyer will also pay approximately 3% of the value as the real estate agent’s commission. Additionally, there is an estimated 20% of the net profit paid to the tax authority. The buyer can appoint someone to sell or buy the property in Turkey in order to obtain a residence permit. This appointment is done through a notary public office in Turkey in the presence of a certified translator. Furthermore, the buyer can legalize the appointment in their home country by translating it into Turkish and then having it authenticated by the Turkish embassy in their home country. The property transfer process takes approximately 30 to 45 days.
  1. Buying any property in Turkey is considered an investment project and a profitable venture by various standards and metrics. Turkey is a tourist and massive investment destination, with major global companies investing in this country, especially in cities like Istanbul and Antalya. All you have to do is choose your project and select the property you want, then turn to the Omaran Real Estate team, which allows you to choose the best profitable investment projects.
  1. Purchasing property in Turkey valued at $200,000 USD allows you to obtain residency for yourself and your family. This type of residency is called “property residency,” and it is a permit issued by the Immigration and Foreigners Affairs Directorate in Turkish cities and regions. It grants the holder the right to enjoy all the legal privileges, including education, healthcare, and lawful residence in Turkey.
  1. According to Turkish law, Article 35 of Property Law No. 2644 of March 2012 abolishes the principle of reciprocity regarding foreign ownership of properties in Turkey. This means that foreigners are now allowed to own any type of property within the borders of Turkey, with the exception of citizens of five countries: North Korea, Armenia, Syria, Cuba, and Cyprus.

    A foreigner who owns a piece of land for the purpose of constructing a building on it must visit the municipality and the Department of Agriculture in the province where the land is located to settle the property transaction legally.

    According to the laws and regulations applicable in Turkey, the transfer of property ownership is done through an official document called “Title Deed” (Tapu in Turkish). This document is signed and registered originally at the Land Registry Directorates. This process officially transfers the legal ownership to the new owner.


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